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Photo by Marlene SchaeferIt's Not Rocket Science Therapy and Consultation offers the following services.

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Approved Supervision for LICSW, LMHC, and LMFT Licensure

Guidelines for psychotherapeutic counseling licensure in Washington State now specify that only an "approved supervisor" can sign off for hours of therapy and clinical supervision.

Photo by Duane J. ( specific didactic training in clinical supervision and over a dozen years of clinical and supervisory practice, It's Not Rocket Science Therapy and Consultation can provide some or all of the required supervision for Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Work, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Individual and group supervision is available.

Supervision is often sought for one of two reasons: A new clinician seeks to meet the state requirements for licensure, or the clinician values another experienced clinician's viewpoint on cases, seeks professional growth, and seeks ongoing training and shared responsibility for treatment. These needs are not mutually exclusive.

At INRS, the focus is on family systems (notably Bowen) theory and therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and various creative techniques to examine the supervisee's parallel processes and work as a therapist. How a therapist grows, thinks, reacts, and maintains a neutral stance enables increased confidence, prevents burnout, enhances clarity of purpose and function, and ultimately extends into balancing life, work, and relationships.

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I specialize in therapy for couples and individuals, emphasizing Systemic Work on Self in all relationships, including Family of Origin.

It's Not Rocket Science, but therapy is a different way of thinking about yourself and your life. I provide treatment that values Truth and Honesty as the route to one's True Self.

Photo by Anita Patterson ( on Self can address a host of benefits with which I have had great experience and success: improving self-knowledge, relationships that are based on self-understanding, recovery from abusive relationships whether experienced as an adult or as a child, better physical health, and an increase in creativity.

My strongest belief is that as one improves their sense of True Self, the ripple effects move outward to all relationships, past, present, and future; as child, partner, employee, parent, and individual.

While some of the techniques used in therapy appear on the disclosure page, what happens in therapy is very personal and individualized. Therapy starts by asking what improvements the client wants to make in their life. This goal centers on the individual and their willingness to work toward that end. The working premise is that NO ONE CAN CHANGE ANYONE ELSE; YOU CAN ONLY CHANGE YOURSELF. While we all influence others, our behavior and reactions are the only areas over which we have any control or choice in our lives.

Photo by Chen Yami (stock.xchng-, an emotional and functional family history is gathered, concentrating on multi-generational functioning from an objective viewpoint. The intent is to set aside concerns of "Why?", and pursue "Who?", "What", "When?", "Where?", and "How?" a family operates emotionally.

Then a client begins to examine how they automatically react and respond to life circumstances and relationships in order to gain a more conscious awareness of their own functioning and ultimately to obtain more choice of responsiveness.

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Photo by Witold Cizmowski ( those seeking less intense services, or who wish to direct their personal growth efforts directly toward interpersonal or workplace performance, I offer an array of professional coaching services.

In addition to these goals, personal coaching can emphasize individual and innovation growth, relationship enhancement, and improved time management and life satisfaction.

Coaching services may include telephone and online consultation, career change and enrichment, and emphasis on creative skills.

Much like therapy, coaching emphasizes personal and professional growth. Where therapy centers on emotional functioning and stress in all its forms, coaching aims to enhance one's performance at work, in relationships, with creativity, and for greater fulfillment.

Coaching can be arranged face-to-face, by telephone, or even email, in that order of preference for effectiveness.

Evening and weekend appointments available.

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